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The Many Hats Artists Wear – Part 3

Following on from yesterday’s mini-blog, my job as an artist also involves the following:

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4. Planning

I use a diary-planner and a couple of notebooks to plan and implement tasks to promote business growth. Once a week, after I do the banking and accounts, I sit and plan what needs to be done during the week. A list can sometimes have between 20 and 30 tasks, varying in time requirements and complexity. Some of those tasks will be transferred to the following week’s list as I am working on them over a long period of time. Other jobs take just a couple of minutes and provides satisfaction as they are crossed off the list. Nothing is better than finally crossing off a job I have been working on for days or weeks.

I constantly need to remind myself that it may be months or years before some of my actions reach fruition. This can be discouraging, but all I can do is my best, take appropriate actions and hope they pay off at some point. I have had to accept, at times, that it is best to abandon certain parts of the business as they were not gaining momentum, despite hard work.

Image from Pixabay

5. Banking and accounts

I do business banking and accounts every week. It really pays off at the end of the financial year, as everything is already in order and can be wrapped up and sent off to the accountant quickly and easily. Each year I figure out new ways of streamlining and improving my processes to make it more efficient.

Tomorrow I will share more of the ‘many hats’ I don on a daily basis. Today’s blog is the third part of a series of mini blogs, which I will post over the coming days.

I would really love to hear about your art business, or your thoughts if you are contemplating becoming a self-employed artist. As always, I am also keen to read any tips you may have.

Until then…