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The Many Hats Artists Wear – Part 6

Following on from yesterday’s mini-blog, my job as an artist also involves the following:

‘Malherbe’s Parakeet’ DOODLEWEAR WOMENS’ CREW NECK SWEATSHIRT from my doodlewear collection

10. Retailers

Because of COVID, retailers are now reluctant to consider stocking any of my prints or greeting cards as they appeal to overseas tourists who cannot currently enter New Zealand.  As I think that artists need to spread their work as widely afield as possible, I hope to soon add my merchandise to Felt, and hope that Kiwis will be interested in buying merchandise displaying local flora and fauna.

Image from Pixabay

11. Packing and processing orders

When I receive a notification of a sale from my online store, I respond to the customer ASAP, as they have taken time to support my business, and I want them to know their patronage is valued. I like to process/package all orders within three days.

Image from Pixabay

12. Development

Artists are perpetually developing. We are planning artworks, exhibitions, product ranges, courses, marketing strategies or even just indulging in a little self-development (playing with new media, taking a marketing course, etc.).

Tomorrow I will share the last few ‘hats’ I don on a daily basis. Today’s blog is the sixth part of a series of mini blogs, which I will complete posting tomorrow.

I would really love to hear about your art business, or your thoughts if you are contemplating becoming a self-employed artist. As always, I am also keen to read any tips you may have.

Until then…

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